Responsive Design

Azure Concept will get you started on the right track with the basics and take you to the finish line with an amazing modern concept and design. This design will allow your website to run flawlessly and seamlessly on all browsers, operating systems, and devices. Your website will be fully equipped with an exciting and modern style design for your website that will grab your users attention quickly. Integrated forums, blogs, contact forms, event calendars, E-Commerce, and location mapping are just a few of the neat features that your website can offer. Finally, wrapping that up with an enormous array of exciting premium features (charts, graphs, video overlays, and more) will make your website look next to none.

  • Modern Design
  • Mobile Ready
  • SEO Optimized
  • Premium Website Features


Don’t have a logo? Have one but not in love with it? Azure Concept will help you design a dynamic new Logo for your website and/or business to get things started or even help with your re-branding. Whether it's for your Website, Business Cards, Social Media or Merchandise - your Logo will represent your brand in an aesthetic and professional way. Your website will also be pampered with a beautiful display of captivating high resolution stock photos that mesh well with the concept of your website.

  • Custom Logos & Banners
  • Premium Stock Images

Email Integration

1. Azure Concept will help you set up and install your GSuite (Google Business) email giving you access to Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Google Sites, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google+, Google Keep, Google Vault, Jamboard, G Suite Marketplace, among other functionalities offered by Google.


2. Azure Concept will help you set up and install your Office 365 (Microsoft) email giving you access to not just Outlook but also OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, OneNote, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams.

  • GSuite
  • Office 365

SSL Integration

Azure Concept will fully protect your website with Secure Sockets Layer integration whether it’s an online marketplace, a not-for-profit website, or a simple personal blog.

Click here to learn why SSL is important

  • Secure Sockets Layer

Backups & Migration

Azure Concept will back up your website every month to ensure that in the worst possible scenario, your website can recover gracefully!

Whether you are porting in or out of another hosting company, or a different platform, Azure Concept will assist in the migration and re-creation of your website.

Whether it’s setting up a new domain, setting up redirection, or transferring a domain to a different platform, Azure Concept will assist in getting your domain up and running.

  • Website Backup
  • Migration
  • Domains


Azure Concept will provide support and answers for any technical based question and provide quick resolutions to technical issues whether it is hardware requirements, or issues with software applications. You will also receive premium and immediate support for any and all email / website (hosting / domain / control panel / administrative) related inquiries or support.

  • On Call Support
  • Email Support